Sunday, January 19, 2014


Last year my friend Peter and I started a startup. It was initially called LeChat, but we later rebranded as Kato. It's a communication service for remote teams.

We were accepted to the Boulder Techstars program, at the end of which we secured a 1.76M round of funding led by Brad Feld at Foundry Group, a Boulder-based venture capital firm. (Note: this doesn't usually happen, we did a good job.)

You wouldn't believe it, but our office is on the first floor of our West Oakland house, next to the AirBnB studio. Most of the team (currently eight-strong) works remotely, for obvious reasons (we make Kato).

For lunch, we usually get sandwiches from 10th and Wood, a new restaurant at 10th and Wood streets. Turns out I met the owner 20 years ago, when he was a camp counselor at my summer camp.

You can learn more about Kato on our blog: