Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I would give up my seat for _____________.

I saw this on KQED's Facebook timeline, and it reminded me of this photo from a BART ride home in October 2009:


Basically, it's a very pregnant woman standing in front of an empty seat, but the floor around it is occupied by bags. Everyone sitting is pretending they don't see her.

I don't blame them. In America, we're not suppose to acknowledge another person's possible need for help. We only help people when they come crawling, all bloody and begging. That's how our health insurance works.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Samaritan

On Sunday, right after we went to sleep around one or so, the honking started.

It would go for a while, maybe a minute, stop, and then resume. A wimpy honk, annoying like a mosquito. Right in front of our house.

I was halfway asleep, and I was dreaming of smashing the honker's windshield with a giant pick I have leaning against the fence, next to the gate. I was envisioning a drone strike hitting the most deserving target ever: the honker right outside my window.

What sort of a sick, demented being blows a horn for a half hour straight in the middle of the night in a residential neighborhood? I was dreaming of applying the giant pick all over the demented being's car, piercing the radiator, prying the tires off the rims.

And then: Bam! Bam!

Two shots, really close, into the air.

Immediately, the honking stopped. The car was trying to leave, but it wouldn't start. I looked outside — it was a maroon Saturn, cranking like crazy. It finally started and took off. A quiet night followed.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pallet Rack Storage in Moscow

Dear readers, allow me to spam you with some advertisement!  My friend runs a commercial shelving business in Moscow.  He is actually a violinist, but commercial shelving sells better.  Next time you need to buy or install some pallet rack storage in your warehouse in Russia, consider Slon (компания «Слон»):

(I'm hoping that a link from a highly respected internet resource, such as this blog, will get my friend's site into top 10 on Yandex for the search string "монтаж стеллажей".  It's currently at position 12, so fingers crossed!)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Man Resting

January 2012
Man Resting
BAMBOO pen tablet